About Us: Higher Maintenance

Higher Maintenance is a limited liability company that is a projection of The Alkaline Electric Goddess (TAEG), a plant-based company. Therefore, Higher Maintenance operates in the health and wellness industry, providing a premier Cannabidiol-based mobile herbal dispensary and food truck service that is a unique solution for vegans with the stabilizing benefits of cannabis-based product.

We provide vegan and non-vegan customers a Cannabidiol­ based diet that benefits them and is packaged to be ingested in the proper proportions. We are concentrating on ensuring that everyone opting to lead a healthy lifestyle and drawn to use the products because of the superior components will be satisfying. When marijuana use becomes legal in Indiana, our business is inspired to establish a vertically integrated dispensary.

Our mission is to establish a community that educates individuals about the benefits of CBD and works to improve each individual's life.

Higher Maintenance, is owned by an experienced individual; Ellise Johnson, is not a novice in this industry, that is, she is a certified cannabis edibles chef and also as a role as Minorities for Medical Marijuana Indiana state director.

Ellise Johnson is important personnel in this cannabis sector, that contribute greatly in this field, she served as unofficial advisor to the State Director Marion County Food and Consumer Safety's plan review manager on the use of cannabidiol and food licensing. She has shipped products under TAEG, The Alkaline Electric Goddess (a plant-based company) to over 37 states including having products in Africa and Norway.