Meet Ellise Nikki Johnson

Nikki Johnson



Greetings, my name is Ellise “Nikki” Johnson, and I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Upon graduating high school, I attended Indiana State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science Degree in Criminology. I learned early in life the importance of "knowledge" and how to successfully apply it; I believe it is the foundation for cultivating dreams, accomplishing goals, and building wealth.

I am the mother of three sons, and I currently reside in Indianapolis, where I have launched several successful businesses starting with owning and operating Small Wonders daycare centers for more than 20 years. This business endeavor was rewarding and fulfilling, but it limited me from focusing on "self". Although I enjoyed pouring into the lives of children, I felt a shift was necessary to necessary to improve my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

After researching and educating myself, in 2018 I committed to living naturally and holistically by adopting a vegan lifestyle and by using food and herbs as natural remedies in lieu of western medicine. Through this journey I created a large following on social media and began to educate my followers, and travel to showcase my vegan recipes.

I have set and achieved personal goals and aspirations that promote physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness; these include becoming an Alkaline Electric Chef, Certified Culinary Canna Chef, Holistic Health Innovator, Cannabis Alchemist, natural Beauty Alchemist, Doula, and Birth Worker.

I finally had the courage to tell my doctor of my use cannabis. She told me although she legally couldn’t say it was ok, she wished more of her patients did use cannabis and she would see them less. I confided in my rheumatologist as well.

Later that year during Covid my father passed away from cancer and I vowed I would no longer be scarred to advocate for myself, or cannabis use for all. After the death of my father I felt it was my mission in life to help educate as many people as possible on the benefits of cannabis; if I have had the courage to speak out before I could have helped make my father's transition from this earth less painful for him. 

I serve as Indiana State Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, certified cannabis edible chef, Owner of Indiana's first cannabis restaurant license, mobile CBD dispensary and cafe, Connecticut Social Equity Accelerator Head Coach, Mentor, LAS Vegas Chamber of Cannabis member, MCBA member and BCB Mastermind cohort participant.